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Series of three images featuring the blind in action ice fishing, swimming with dolphins and river rafting

What is the Braille crisis?

Only 10% of children in CA schools can read Braille.  Read this full article to learn why Braille is so important.

Technology used by the blind

Blind Americans use a variety of technology to navigate their everyday lives! Check out some of the cool equipment, widgets and gadgets  on this resource page.

Legal issues

Learn about this California legislation and read the task force report at the California Department of Education website.

History of NFBC-Sponsored Legislation


(John Dutra, Point-of-Sale machines) was recently signed by Governor Schwarzenegger. Because of the installation of touchscreen point-of-sale machines, legislation was necessary to make these machines accessible once again to the blind and visually impaired population.


Forgiveness loans for VI teachers. Died due to budget. Rewritten by Pavley to require publishers to issue all books on diskette to students in grades K-12 – vetoed by Governor Schwarzenegger, 2004

Assembly Concurrent Resolution 195(Yee)

Recognized the need for Braille instruction and additional teachers of the visual impaired – signed by President of the Senate, Burton, and Assembly Speaker Nuñez


Provided non-visual access to point of sale machines – signed by Governor Schwarzenegger, 2004


Provided non-visual access to ticket vending machines for public transportation – signed by Governor Davis, 2003


Provided forgiveness loans and distance learning programs for teachers of the visually impaired – vetoed by Governor Davis, 2002

AB 2525(Jackson)

Mandated non-visual access to voting machines – signed by Governor Davis, 2002


Created Division within the Department of Rehabilitation for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Deaf and Hard of Hearing – signed by Governor Davis, 2002


Braille Reading Standards – signed by Governor Davis, 2002


Braille Reading Standards – signed by Governor Davis, 2002

AB 306(Frommer)

Braille Literacy – signed by Governor Davis, 2001

AB 609(Wildman)

Braille Literacy – vetoed by Governor Davis, 2000

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