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Uber Discrimination Guide Dogs and Service Animals

by NFBCal

Disability Rights Advocates (“DRA”) and Timothy Elder of TRE Legal Practice
are investigating complaints from persons with disabilities who have been
denied transportation services by taxi drivers for Uber Technologies, Inc.
(“Uber”) in the San Francisco Bay Area or other major urban centers.

Uber is a company based in San Francisco, California that offers taxi
transportation services in the San Francisco Bay Area and many other
metropolitan areas throughout the United States. Uber developed a smart
phone application that customers use to request and pay for rides in Uber
taxis. The application is available for iPhones and phones running the
Android operating system.

We would greatly appreciate speaking with you about your experiences
concerning Uber if:

  • You are legally blind, you use a service animal, and you
    believe that you have been denied a ride by Uber’s taxis because of the
    presence of your service animal.
  • You use a foldable wheelchair to travel and you believe that
    you have been denied a ride by one of Uber’s taxis because of your foldable
  • You are either legally blind or someone who uses a foldable
    wheelchair to travel and you have been deterred from using Uber taxis
    because you have heard that Uber taxis refuse to pick up passengers with
    service animals or wheelchairs.

To share your experiences, please contact:
Rachel Smith
Phone:  (510) 665-8644

All communications will be kept confidential.

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