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2017 Wilbur Radcliff Grant for NFB of California State Convention

by Christina Daniels

Wilbur Radcliff Memorial Grant

Francis Radcliff was a Rehabilitation Counselor for the Blind at the Department of Rehabilitation. She believed strongly that if a blind person could get to a convention of the National Federation of the Blind of California, that person would understand the value and philosophy of the NFB . She knew that coming together and working together to improve the lives of blind people would make us want to stay together. When her husband Wilbur passed away in 1980, Francis endowed a small amount of money to be held in an account that would grow each year. Each year, blind people can apply for a grant to assist them to attend the National Federation of the Blind of California State Convention. If you are or if you know a blind adult who has never attended a California state convention, who would really benefit from meeting others who have walked in their shoes, please apply and share this link. The deadline for applying is September 20, 2017.

2017 Wilbur Radcliff Memorial Grant

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